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Altro Whiterock PVCu wall cladding systems

More than twenty year's experience enables us to provide the highest standards of integrated hygiene solution systems required by our customers.


  • Full range of decorative colours
  • Fully hygienic, easy clean finish- wipedown, steam or pressure hossable, low maintenance
  • Hygienically sealed finishes - fully bonded, impervious, grout free
  • Hygienic rounded corners - easy clean, pencil round corners, thermoformed on-site
  • Hygienically sealed finishes - to window/door reveals and fittings/penetrations
  • 10 year product warranty
  • Exclusive to Altro - welded joint for even higher levels of hygiene
  • Excellent Fire Rating - Class 1 and class 0, BS 476; Parts 6 and 7
  • Easy to install - direct to sound substrates for less downtime and lower costs
  • Excellent chemical restistance
  • Excellent stability - with flexiblity to accommodate substrate movement without expansion joints
  • Extensive choice - colours and finishes to complement decorative schemes


Advantages over ceramic tiles

Alto Whiterock semi-rigid hygienic PVCu wall cladding has many advantages over the traditionally used ceramic tiles which, while installed for many years, were never designed to cope with modern conditions and hygiene requirements. Published figures from the Ceramic tile Federation show up to 65% of all tile installations are fixed incorrectly.


  • Lower Costs - approximately 20% lower lifetime costs slightly lower total installation costs
  • Fewer Joints - far less jointing area and no water or other penetration (into grouting and behind tiling to cause failure)
  • Better impact restistance - in standardised tests
  • Better Stain restistance - no penetration of damaged surfaces no staining of grout
  • Very low water vapour transmission - no penetration of damaged surfaces or grout
  • Better initial appearance - no variations in tile shades to even out
  • Better appearence retention - no staining, no grout, no replacement of damaged tiles
  • Flexibilty to match substrate movement - no expansion joints required
  • Easy to install - in most cases panels can be fixed direct to brisk and blockwork


Product comparison

Altro has commisioned the following studies from independent bodies, to copare Altro Whiterock and ceramic tiles.

Typical installed costs

NB Assuming typical conditions with impervious epoxy grouting, and a sand/cement scrim render over a sound substrate.. Alto Whiterock adhesive is suitable for virtually any sound substrate.


Life cycle costs

The following chart demonstrates Life Cycle Cost relationship between hygienic PVCu wall cladding systems and ceramic tiles.

Impact resistance

In busy locations, impacts are frequent between walls and floors and equipment such as trollys, knives or dropped loads. Glazed ceramic tiles are easily scatched, chipped and cracked under impact creating surface damage which can be infiltrated by water, stains and bacteria.

Technical downloads:

Cleaning Guides (Wall cladding cleaning card PDF 47.23 KB).
Life Cycle Cost Comparisons (Wall cladding life cycle analysisPDF 60.2 KB).
Product Information (Wall cladding range overview PDF 276.5 KB).
Product Information ( The complete shower system PDF 853.85 KB).
Technical Data Sheets (Altro Whiterock Standard White 143.34 KB).


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